Hey hey! This week we're talking about the 2017 video game (a first for us!) Night in the Woods. It was published by IF and Finji in February of this year, and it's pretty dang great you guys! It's about a cat-person called Mae Borowski going home from university and being all depressed and stuff. Also, Eldritch horror. You've got to play it, really.

Talking points: Nothing, I'm probably going to phase these out of the description because I'm preeeeeeetty sure I inadvertently stole it from The McElroys. Sorry you beautiful boys! I'll think of something else to put here instead soon.

Next week we're gonna be discussing the 2015 Japanese action-fantasy Tag! It's directed by Sion Sono and it looks absolutely bonkers, honestly.

Special thanks to our brother and yours, Ben, for illustrating the new show art. Doesn't our feed look nice now? Tell us all about how you feel using these links, byyyyeeeeee.

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