Hoo boy have we got a long one this week my friends! We're discussing the 2012 Horror/Comedy film, The ABCs Of Death! We go through each short film in this movie in a speed round fashion, putting a 2 minute timer on each discussion, this one is definitely worth a listen!

The homework for next week is the Anime mini-series from 2000, FLCL. This series is about A 12-year old boy named Naota, who one day meets a strange woman, riding a Vespa and wielding a big guitar. As soon as she appears, mysterious things start happening. Ben has assured us that it's much better than The ABCs of death, so whatch it, send us questions and listen to the episode next week. I love you all individually.

The intro and outro music this week is from a band called power glove, the songs used were Vengeance (this features in one of the short films) and Nightforce, just another one of their songs I thought would be good for the outro!

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