Alternative Episode Title: This Episode is Devoid of All Comedy.

Hey guys! This week we're discussing the 2004 Shane Meadows film, Dead Man's Shoes. The tale of a man returning from the army to seek revenge against the men who brutalised his younger disabled brother. It's pretty dark, and it's hard to make a funny episode about it. Enjoy!

Next week, for some reason, we're reading volumes 0 and 1 of the 2004 web comic Sonichu, written and illustrated by Christian Weston Chandler. So yeah, go read that I guess? You don't have to if you don't want, we'll do all the heavy lifting. As a backup, maybe watch Song of the Sea, we're going to and might end up talking about that more.

Outro music this week is Bonnie Prince Billy - A King at Night.

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