Alternative Episode Title: The Bun is in Your Mind

Hey hey! This week we were tasked with reading Issues 0-2 (i.e. the first three issues) of Sonichu, a Sonic The Hedgehog/Pokémon original character fan-fiction written and illustrated by Christian Weston Chandler (now Christine Weston Chandler). It's pretty wild, honestly. Via the medium of a half-hedgehog, half electric mouse, we're granted an insight into the mind of a young autistic man struggling to find a girlfriend.

I should note here that while this is a pretty funny episode, every effort was taken to avoid offence, using the proper pronouns as best we could, and absolutely not hurling insults at Chris-chan's disability. Enjoy, it was a bit of a minefield!

Next week we're watching the 2016 movie Blair Witch, written by Simon Barrett and directed by our old friend Adam Wingard. So, put your headphones on, close the curtains, and get spooky with us next week! You can get hold of us with your opinions and questions/insults using the stuff bellllooooowwwwww!

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