Alternative Episode Title: John Darnielle's Wombat Therapy.

Hey Mr or Mrs Fancy Pants. This week we listened to The Mountain Goats 2005 album, The Sunset Tree. A wonderful album retelling vocalist and songwriter John Darnielle's young life in his family home, and the trouble associated with it being pretty well broken. This one comes highly recommended. More importantly though, we got our first piece of listener mail!

Next week we're onto an old classic: Dr. Strangelove. Directed by Stanley Kubrick and released in 1964. The film has gone on to influence countless aspects of pop culture, and is widely lauded as a classic. Join us next week to see if we dump all over it, won't you? Also, you can dump on it too, using these links if you want.

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(Music used this episode without permission or profit; Dinu Lipatti play J.S. Bach, The Mountain Goats - Dance Music live at SPIN Sessions)

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