TFYI #8: Demolition

Hi friends! This week we're discussing the 2015 Jean-Marc Valée movie "Demolition", starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Alex is super bad at preparing for the show, so it gets pretty wet and wild.


Talking Points: #remakecroc, My Secret Robo-Brother, Gay Men Who Also Have Girlfriends, Customer Relation Humans, Alex Is Bad At Outros, Pumpum Means Vagina, Sean Peen.


Next week we'll be discussing a BOOK. A BOOK OF ALL THINGS! We're reading the first 3 volumes of the manga series "Goodnight Punpun", the slice of life story about Punpun, who is apparently a sentient human bird or something? I'm not sure. It's by Inio Asano! Read it and play along next week ya' dingus.


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