TFYI #9: Goodnight Punpun

Trying something new this week my dudes. We're talking about the Inio Asano manga "Goodnight Punpun", the story of a small japanese boy who looks kinda like a bird but also isn't a bird, and his journey through life. It's pretty good y'all!


Talking points: Bird Puberty, God, Kinda Racist Characters, Why We're Illiterate, Meta Existential Crises, Callum Complains He's Sick Then Talks Over Everyone Anyway.


Next weeks show requires you to listen to the album "Act I: The Lake South, The River North" by the band The Dear Hunter. It's one of Callum's all time favourite bands, and to help you out in playing along, here's a track by track analysis of the first album by Nick Cusworth at


Intro music this week is Pearl by Anamanaguchi, go listen to them!


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